Volumetric dosers

The volumetric doser of the V100 and V300 series are made of high quality and durable materials. They are robust and very reliable and ensure optimum coloring of parts in the most efficient way. They can also be used for additives or regrind in injection molding machines as well as blow molders and extruders, as they can be easily adapted with the optional MV4 / MV5 holders.

The J.Puchades volumetric dosing unit works by means of a stepper motor (brushless) which guarantees the same reliability in the whole range of operation. It has a quick disassembly system for easy cleaning. All our volumetric dosers have available different hoppers according to the needs (5 l., 9 l. and 20 l.) although in the cases of big productions, it is recommended to install a feeder in the hopper.


  • Injection and extrusion.
  • LCD display.
  • Digital speed regulation.
  • Digital time regulation (only injection model).
  • Manual and automatic operation (with running signal).
  • Rotation inversion to clean the screw.
  • Synchronization with the extruder.
  • Alarm in case of lack of material (optional).
  • Rotation control (optional).


  • Injection and extrusion.
  • Color touch screen with easy access to image-guided display.
  • Manual and automatic dosing adjustment.
  • Display of dosing values and recording of consumed materials.
  • Data memory.
  • Data file (recipes).
  • Event indicator light.
  • Acoustic and luminous alarm.
  • Rotation inversion to clean the spindle.
  • Synchronization with the extruder.
  • Rotation control (Optional).
  • Filling control by means of mini-feeder (Optional).
  • Dosing signal (Optional).

Technical table

Dosificador Volumétrico

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