Turntable system

Sistema de almacenamiento redondo para bolsas


  • Turntable system for filling boxes or bags.
  • Stainless steel disc structure AISI 430 thickness 4 mm.
  • It is possible to install some supports for boxes or bags.
  • Built-in control panel.


An external normally open voltage free contact (NO) linked to the IMM production cycle is memorized by the pulse counter. Each enable signal at the input corresponds to a molding phase and each molding phase corresponds to a certain amount of product. The number of enable signals needed to fill the container is selected on the control panel. Once the selected number of enable signals has arrived, the pulse counter stops the loading conveyor, starts counting the enable signals from zero again, turns the table to the next loading station and starts the conveyor belt. The pulse counter will memorize all cycle phases that may have occurred when the machine moved from one loading station to the next. The control panel includes a signal that can be used to stop the loading conveyor during table rotation.


  • Possible diameter Ø 1200 mm or Ø 1450 mm.
  • Platform height from the ground = ~ 250 mm.
  • Turntable capacity 120 kg – 140 kg.
  • Turntable speed 1.7 – 2.2 strokes per minute.
  • Standard motor supply voltage 400 V / 50 Hz.

Technical table

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