The JPMT series is available for water or oil from 6kw up to 36kw of heating power.

The JPMT-W models (water) work in a temperature range from 15º to 95º which is adjusted with an electronic PID +/-1ºC control. They have a minimum and maximum pressure switch as well as a high temperature safety thermostat.

The cooling method is direct for greater efficiency and speed of work.

The oil models (JPMT-O) have a working temperature range from 15ºC to 160ºC which is adjusted with a high precision PID +/-1 control. It has a 5.5L tank. The cooling system is provided by a plate heat exchanger.

In any model of the JPMT series, a solid state relay can be installed for heating control to optimize the process.


  • High precision PID electronic control.
  • Configurable alarms.
  • Minimum and maximum pressure switch (W model).
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Pressure manometer.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Circuit distributor.
  • High temperature pumps.
  • Water inlet filter.
  • Tank 5,5 L. Stainless steel (Model O).

Technical table

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