iNOVA Machines

iNOVA plastic injection molding machines are hydraulic machines that incorporate energy efficient technology such as the servomotor system. Through this technology, our plastic injection molding machines achieve energy savings that can reach up to 70% compared to a conventional machine. In this way, we manage to increase the competitiveness of our customers since the manufacturing cost is much lower. It is also worth mentioning that the engine response is improved, achieving faster accelerations while reducing noise emissions.

Our plastic injection molding machine adapts to any requirement, being able to combine different injection units depending on the needs. The standard equipment of the machines is very complete since it incorporates among others hydraulic cores, blowers, euromap 12 for robot, high performance loading motor, closed ring injection, automatic mold height adjustment, automatic pressure adjustment, etc.

Standard equipment

  • Keba control.
  • Hydraulic system with servo pump.
  • 5-point knee pad.
  • Double injection piston.
  • Double support piston injection carriage.
  • 2 hydraulic cores on moving platen.
  • 2 blowing valves.
  • Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical safety.
  • Cold start prevention.
  • High performance load motor.
  • Quick closing with differential valve.
  • Automatic oil lubrication.
  • Automatic mold height adjustment.
  • Robot clamping support according to euromap 18.
  • Interface euromap 12 / 67 robot.
  • Interface euromap 13 ejector / cores.
  • Internal storage of up to 200 molds.
  • Mold recording usb port.
  • Function test i / o system.
  • Program with spc quality control.
  • Back pressure of load with proportional valve.
  • Signaling beacon auto – man – alarms.
  • Flow meter 6 ways.
  • Hydraulic nozzle.
  • Parallel movements opening-dosing, opening-expulsion with double pump.
  • Ecomonitor; consumption control.
  • Column stretching control.
  • 2 hydraulic cores on fixed plate.
  • Electric / hydraulic unscrewing device.
  • Close loop closing – opening.
  • Close loop in injection – back pressure.
  • Plasticization with servomotor.
  • Sequential injection.
  • High speed injection with accumulator and servovalve.
  • Hot runner temperature control with euromap 14 interface.
  • Gefran central control system.
  • Auxiliary plugs to be specified.
  • High bedplate.
  • Special color.
  • Ceramic heating elements.

Technical table

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