iNOVA hybrid inyectors: GB RANGE

Inyectoras Eléctricas Dongshin Gama GB

Energy saving and ECO system

  • Maximum energy savings through independent control of each drive.
  • More than 70% energy savings compared to hydraulic machines.
  • More than 80% savings in cooling, without hydraulic oil.

Mold protection motion control

  • Accuracy in mold protection.
  • Reduction of mold protection area.
  • Reduction of cycle time.
  • Increased mold life.

Improved productivity

  • Simultaneous movements to reduce cycle time.
  • Productivity increase of more than 20%.

Clamping system designed by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) method.

  • Minimal mold deformation.
  • Uniform clamping force.
  • Stability of the parts.
  • Improved mold stability for multiple cavities.
Improved lubrication performance
  • Original grease application, excellent load bearing, anti-abrasion and thermal stability.

Cleanliness and low noise level

  • Noise reduction by more than 15% compared to hydraulic machines by using electric drives.

Technical table

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