BD & ID Series (22 to 170 liters hopper)

The BD & ID series, in addition to the great advantage that they do not need any drying material to generate dry air for the drying process, offer a completely round drying hopper made of high quality stainless steel and without any air inlet tube. This minimizes the cleaning effort in case of material changes and frees up more possibilities for material processing. The hot air is fed into the drying hopper from the bottom along the perimeter and causes an efficient and uniform heating process. A very compact design and the possibility to install the unit directly on the machine or on a mobile cart make the BD & ID series an excellent system for drying small and medium quantities of material. Advantages
  • No drying material
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Lifetime consistent drying performance
  • Simplified control of energy according to actual material throughput
  • Automatic energy control, optimized for actual material throughput
  • Low operating costs
  • Space-saving and optimized design for direct mounting on the injector or extruder (optionally available with a mobile stand)
  • Elongated hopper design for optimized airflow
  • Drying hopper and parts made of high quality stainless steel sheet metal
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory operation via simple control (BD series) and touch screen (ID series)
  • Easy to clean

Technical table

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